Who Can Go Heli-Skiing?

Our operations include terrain suitable for advanced to expert skiers. Skiers are generally grouped according to ability if possible, in order to optimize the enjoyment for everyone. Groups consist of four clients and one guide, the maximum number of groups during a heli day is generally 3 (12 guests).

Anyone going heli-skiing should be of an advanced to expert skiing ability, able to make good parallel turns in all conditions. With the advancement of powder and fat skis, powder skiing experience is not completely necessary. Fat ski rentals ( the new Rossignol Super 7 ) can easily be arranged right in our shop, and are always encouraged.

Snowboarders are also welcome on heli-ski outings. They should also be of advanced to expert ability, able to hold an edge on a traverse and carry their speed across any flat areas. The guide will always keep you informed of what is to be expected.

STILL NOT SURE? Book your own private group.
Would you prefer to have a private day without the added pressure of others in your group? We fly the modern AS-350B3e A-Star helicopter, which seats 4 skiers and your guide. Simply purchase all 4 seats, and then you choose as many (up to 4) or as few people in your group as you like. The advantage is, you get to set the pace and your guide will be able to customize the day to better suit your needs.

Am I ready? Can you answer YES to the following?

  1. You have extensive skiing experience for a number of recent seasons at conventional, big mountain downhill resorts.
  2. You choose black runs in all snow and weather conditions without hesitation.
  3. You’re keen enough about the sport to have made multi-day ski trips, and you’re fit enough to ski a number of consecutive days. Fitness is often more important and can make up for lack of experience.
  4. You can keep up with most skiers, even if you don’t have the style of someone with more experience.
  5. When the situation warrants you can, with your skis on: side-slip, step uphill sideways, traverse, and make kick turns (changing your direction while standing in one spot). You may never have skied powder, but you have ventured off the groomed slopes and can stay well in control in backcountry conditions.
  6. You are now skiing on high performance gear and notice the difference. Powder skis are essential for heli-skiing and will maximize your enjoyment of the sport. It’s the right tool for the job. If you need to rent skis, the new Rossignol Super 7’s are available in our shop.

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