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Terms & Conditions 2020-2021

Advanced Reservations

Advanced reservations with a deposit ($500 per day, per person) are required to secure a seat on your preferred day. Call at (307) 733-3274 for reservations. Full payment and any outstanding balance is collected on the day that you go heli-skiing. Any reservations made less than 14 days in advance will be charged the full amount for the day ($1550/day, per person).

Forms of Payment

Payments may be made by cash, traveler checks or major credit card. Personal checks are accepted only fourteen days in advance.

Rental Powder Skis

Powder skis (the new Rossignol Black Ops Skis) are available for rent right in our office. You may reserve them when you make your heli-ski reservations or when you check in with us on arrival to JH. Arrive at our office 10 minutes early with your boots to have the bindings adjusted.


We would like you to check in with our reservation desk (307-733-3274) as soon as you arrive in Jackson Hole so that we may update you on current conditions, weather forecasts and what to expect. If you plan to be arriving late, please let us know. Our office is open from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Please give us your local telephone number at this time should we need to contact you in the event that weather prohibits us from flying.

Teton Springs Lodge & Spa Guests

If you are on one of the Teton Springs Lodge & Spa packages, your first reserved day is the day following your first nights stay at the Lodge. Because heli-skiing is so weather dependent, you must participate each day that we can fly. Lift serviced skiing at Grand Targhee or the JH Mountain Resort will only be on any non-flyable weather days. If you choose not to participate for any reason and the helicopter flies that day, you will be charged the full amount for that day.

Cancellations and Obligations

  • Cancellations made 14 days in advance of a reserved ski day will receive a complete refund less a $50 per person/per day administrative fee.
  • Any cancellations made less than 14 days in advance of a reserved ski day will result in loss of deposit ($500 per person/per day).
  • Any cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance of a reserved day will loose the full amount of the day ($1550 per person). It is not the responsibility of HMH to remind you of your reservation. It is the responsibility of the guest to be on time (9:00am) on their reserved day. No credit will be issued in the event of a no-show.
  • Any requested changes to a reservation date, if feasible for the reservationist, will be charged a $50 per person/per day administrative fee.
  • If HMH is unable to deliver a reserved day for any reason, we will try to roll your reservation over to the next available day. If we are fully booked and are unable to accommodate you, a full refund (less a $25 credit card processing fee) will be given. You have no obligation in the event of a day cancelled by us due to weather.
  • Due to the fact that heli-skiing is very dependent on the weather, we sometimes get cut short by weather. In the event of a day cut short by weather, snow conditions or something beyond our control you will be charged as follows: 1 run - $580, 2 runs - $810, 3 runs - $1030, 4 runs - $1240, 5 runs - $1450

Weather delays

You have no obligation in the event of a day cancelled by us due to weather. However, if your reserved day is placed on a “weather delay”, you must remain on call and available to ski until 10:30 am. At that time, if we still can not fly, you will be released to do any other activities you might choose without obligation. If you do not remain on hold and the helicopter flies that day, you will be charged the full amount for the day and no credit will be issued for a no-show.

Weights and helicopters

At the elevations we fly to in the mountains (10,000ft.) there is an upper limit for weight, which we cannot exceed in order to operate safely. Once you add skis, boots and all the other equipment we carry, that limit is further reduced. The average weight allowable per person in the Bell 407 helicopter is 190lbs. To this weight of 190 we will add equipment and anything else brought on board. The total weight limit for your group of 5 cannot exceed 950lbs. We’re sorry for any inconvenience, but safety requires that we strictly adhere to this regulation. The A-star B3 is a 4-passenger helicopter and is not as weight restricted. You will be asked to step on the scale in our office so that we can accurately calculate weights and balances.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are non-refundable and must be paid for in full at the time of purchase. You may call anytime for reservations and we will honor these certificates at their face value for one year from the date of purchase. After one year they are subject to any price increases that may occur. Three years from the date of purchase they will become null and void and no longer accepted.

Deposits left on hand

Any deposits or credits left on hand with HMH may be used at any time by making a reservation with our office. Credits can be applied to any purchases at HMH. After three years, any deposits or credits left on hand with HMH will expire without refund and no longer be available.

A Note on Refunds

No refunds are issued for missed skiing due to skier ability, fitness, equipment failure, or personal choice. If a skier becomes injured, ill, or requests to leave the field for any reason, no refund will be made. Additional costs resulting from an evacuation or early departure will be charged to the guest.


HMH strongly recommends that all guests carry Trip Cancellation Insurance, Trip Interruption Insurance, Medical Insurance, and Emergency Evacuation Insurance. These insurance types safeguard you against unforeseen mishaps that can occur during your heli vacation with us. Contact your travel agent for assistance in acquiring travel insurances.


Safety has always been our primary concern at HMH. Heli-skiing & boarding, by nature, involves certain risks and, as a client, you must take responsibility for your own actions and participation in the sport. Through our safety procedures we can greatly reduce the potential for accidents but cannot completely eliminate all hazards. You will be required to sign a VISITOR'S ACKNOWLDEGMENT OF RISK form before you can go heli-skiing.